2017 Fall/Winter Photo Contest


The U.P. Hidden Coast is holding a photo contest this fall and winter to highlight the unique beauty of the route! To enter, post up to five photos of a stop along the route to the route’s facebook page. You must tag the location of where the photo was taken (or nearby). We also recommend that you briefly caption your image.

  1. Photos must be taken along the UP Hidden Coast (M-35 between Menominee and Gladstone) or at any of the points noted on the “Interactive Map” or “Along the Route” pages on the UP Hidden Coast website. The photo must have been taken within the last two years and be of the route during the fall or winter months.
  1. Photos must be submitted by the original photographer and/or the sole copyright holder.
  1. The UP Hidden Coast respects photographers’ rights and does not claim copyright for images you submit to this contest, you will retain full copyright in each entry. Additionally, if your image is published in the future by the UP Hidden Coast you will be credited. Failure to publish a credit to error or oversight will not be considered a breach of this condition.
  1. Photos must be submitted though the UP Hidden Coast Facebook by March 31, 2017!

By entering the contest you agree that any image you submit can be used by the UP Hidden Coast to do the following:

  1. Judge the competition
  2. Display on the website and Facebook page
  3. Publish entries on UP Hidden Coast promotional or interpretive materials including print or online articles and other social media platforms
  4. Crop and resize images

An Example of the Beauty Along the Hidden Coast by Anne Liebel Carlson. What will you find?